Sitting Profile

Graphite, Watercolor

Sitting Profile - Adam Chew, 2014

Subtle watercolors on this soft pencil sketch.


Graphite, Watercolor

Slain - Adam Chew, 2014

Another watercolor of this male model posing with a spear – this time he is the victim.


Graphite, Watercolor


Meditation – it’s not just for sitting on cushions.

Hula Hoop

Graphite, Watercolor

woman hula hoop 2013 - Adam Chew

This model almost always brings a hula hoop. I like how the light and her pose make her look like she’s under the spotlight at a circus.

Ukulele player

Graphite, Watercolor

"Ukulele Player" - Adam Chew

This model happened to bring his ukulele!

Brown Paper

Brown Paper, Graphite, Watercolor

"Man Crawling" - Adam Chew 2013

I’ve been working a lot for the past few years with this brown card stock paper someone gave me. It’s nice to do monotones in brown and white. I gave this one to my partner Julia’s cousin Jean. Jean suffers from ALS (the ‘ice bucket challenge” disease).