Brown Paper, Pen & Ink, Watercolor


This guy reminds me of the old Conan the Barbarian comics.

Prepare for Rain

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

"Prepare for Rain" - Adam Chew

Yet another great pose – shiny pink raincoat, green scarf, white platform sandals, and umbrella poised to catch the rain.

Black Stockings, Red Hat and Rose

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

"Black Stockings, Red Hat and Rose" - Adam Chew

Another painting from a series of this model who always brings interesting costumes and props that liven up the drawings.

Meditation in lace

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

"meditation in lace" - Adam Chew

Can meditation be sexy?

Man Sitting

Pen & Ink, Watercolor


This model was really tall. He had to sit down to fit on the page.