Decisions, Decisions.

Brown Paper, Graphite, Watercolor

Decision - AdamChew, 2013

Do you ever get the feeling like there are too many choices to make in this new world of ours?

Mirror Images

Brown Paper, Graphite, Watercolor



This guy did the exact same pose twice so that we could get both sides of the story.


Graphite, Watercolor

embrace - Adam Chew, 2014

Double model figure drawing from last year. We’re having another double tomorrow! I better have an extra double double coffee to draw twice as fast.

Walk Softly

Brown Paper, Graphite, Watercolor

Walk Softly - Adam Chew, 2014

…and carry a big stick.

Sitting on Top of the World

Graphite, Watercolor

Sitting on Top of the World - Adam Chew, 2014

I love how changing one simple element, like a stool to a rock formation in this case, can add drama to a painting.