Brown Paper, Pen & Ink, Watercolor

man sitting - AdamChew, 2014

Another nude study on the brown paper I blew through last year. I have a whole bankers box full of these.

Sit Still for 20 Minutes

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Sit Still for 20 Minutes - Adam Chew, 2014

The imperfections of watercolors has grown on me over the years.

Laying Around

Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Laying Around - Adam Chew, 2014

I like the angle/perspective of this model.


Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Attitude - Adam Chew, 2014

Once in a while I can capture the attitude of a pose with some loose energy and flow.


Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Androgyny - Adam Chew, 2014

She’s quite handsome. Don’t you think?


Brown Paper, Pen & Ink, Watercolor


I added the fish from my imagination at the end of his “spear”.